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KOZTech successfully carries out the projects and needs of all kinds of public and corporate organizations related to the plastic card and electronic payment technologies sector, in which it serves. KOZTech supports many municipalities in transportation and social solidarity projects, hospitals in health sector, universities in education and many international cooperation associations in their support programs with respect to smart cards and software, while it assumes consultancy services for many projects. KOZTech offers flawless services for the end users in every field of life with the projects it carries out and with the support of its business partners.


One of the greatest needs of our age is time. Urban mass transportation vehicles that enable people to move fast, which is needed by people in developing and expanding cities, has been directly linked with municipality operation and welfare, while the factors such as increasing population and challenging traffic conditions created its own needs within the transportation sector. Serving in line with such needs, KOZTech offers services in the smart city management, which is the crazy idea of this age, and in the field of transportation, which comprises the most important step of the smart city management, the crazy idea of our age, to many municipalities and corporate customers for producing large numbers of smart cards and providing technological infrastructure, and aim at perfection in the services we render.


Foreseeing the customer movements is the key move of the retail market. In order to become one of the key players of the sector, make use of the KOZCircle infrastructure, the unique product offered by KOZTech. With its flexible design, comprehensive reports and solid structure, KOZCircle ensures customer continuity that your company needs, increases turnover graphics and becomes the face visible to your customers.


We respond to all emerging demands from elementary school to university with the modular structure of KOZCircle. We bring the school, teacher, student, custodian and the school canteen under the same roof, and make the complicated structure of schools manageable with our web, mobile, POS and card solutions.


We serve in the tourism sector in the fields of passage and spending systems used at events, electronic gate, hardware and end-to-end software used at hotels by using KOZCircle infrastructure. While we offer you all kinds of personalized solutions that you need, we enable you to manage your customers and monitor their spending behaviors with our wide report screens.