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Hardware Solutions

As the KOZTech, we aim at the highest productivity in the hardware solutions that we offer to our customers. While we develop all kinds of applications on POS terminals, which are indispensable for payment systems, and bring you the suitable solution to you, we at the same time respond to your hardware management requirements reinforced with the flexible infrastructure of KOZCircle.

  1. POS Terminals

As KOZTech, we work with the leading POS manufacturers of the sector and provide reliable solutions. We offer services in POS terminals, capable of making online and offline transactions, order systems, customer loyalty systems and all payment systems.

  1. Kiosks

As KOZTech, we ensure that you touch your customers with kiosk solutions supported with KOZCircle infrastructure and the best hardware products.

We convey all messages that you want to send to your target audience unilaterally or via the touch panels easily at any time and in any manner, you want. In addition to being used in many different field and for many different purposes, kiosk systems can be used for many self-service transactions such as accessing online services, printing tickets and making payment in cash or by credit card in addition to informing public.

  1. Turnstile Systems

Turnstiles are the most important peripheral device for access control systems. As KOZTech, we offer you the appropriate solution at the point, where access control is requested, by using KOZCircle infrastructure. By using different types of turnstiles as well as fingerprint, card or face recognition readers, we bring entry – exit hours, visitors, dining halls, stadiums, concerts and many other similar places under control for our customers.

  1. Smart Cards

A smart card is a plastic card that incorporates a processor and/or memory, and is capable of processing different applications when matched with a reader. Thanks to its ability to provide controlled access, personal or commercial data can only be seen by authorized people. It is a technology that is becoming more common everyday due to the ease of transferring data, providing security of the transferred data and ease of transfer.

As KOZTech, we meet your smart card needs with our high capacity and experience in card production and card personalization fields by considering security and quality as the top priority.

  1. Card Readers

USB card readers are currently being used in all kinds of solutions from payment sector to loyalty systems, from personnel monitor systems to door locks due to their plug-play structure. As KOZTech, we support our results oriented practical solutions with USB card readers. The card readers can easily work with magnetic stripes, Mi-Farw, Proximity and cards with barcodes.